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"Surprise Yourself! Using Playful Structures to Discover Material You Didn't Know You Had in You"

I'm looking forward to teaching a new class at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis this Fall. It's an online course, 6 weeks, and should be fun and useful for people at all stages in their writing.

Here's the description:

How often does your writing SURPRISE you? When was the last time you thought of writing as PLAY? We know: The word STRUCTURE probably doesn't flood you with excitement. But there are ways to use playful writing structures—and the fertility of constraint—to infuse your work and your process with discovery, freshness, and—yes—play.

In this class, we'll read contemporary works and excerpts; take "x-rays" of their structures; figure out how and why and to what effect those constraints are being used; and then use them as springboards for our own creativity and work. Workshop will be exploratory and positive, with plenty of space for risk-free experimentation, and room for growth for beginners and experts alike.

Come join us!


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