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One Girl saffu-DKXqf-NE-2Q-unsplash.jpg
One Girl

The Seattle Review, Vol. 3, No. 2-3

… “More?” he said, and she nodded, opening her lips again. He pulled the bottle away from her and watched her feel for it with her mouth. She smiled when she figured out his tease, and swiped a playful hand blindly in his direction. He put the mouth of the bottle fully to hers, and she circled it with her tongue and wrapped her lips around it in a kiss before he tipped it towards her and she swallowed a gush of beer without sputtering. She opened her eyes and laughed, clapping her hands to her mouth, and looked at me, her eyes searching for something I could tell her, that she was the same girl I knew. “See?” Thomas said. “I told you.”


Best New American Voices Nominee: Northwestern University, 2005
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