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  • mollydumbleton

Interview with Emily Cappetini at SmokeLong Quarterly

Because my story, "How Leopards Sleep," was a Finalist for the inaugural SmokeLong Quarterly Award for Flash Fiction, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by one of the selecting editors for the contest!

I found her questions thoughtful and fascinating and really enjoyed approaching the story in all kinds of new ways.

"I live in fear of these kinds of isolation—not at all the rural or being-alone kinds of isolation (both of which I love), but the isolation you feel when you’ve given up a layer of self-determination. Even something as simple as letting someone else drive you somewhere, or going somewhere you don’t really want to go, or being trapped under someone’s arm, or being mis-perceived a certain way and just letting that happen…they all take away one layer of being able to decide for yourself, don’t they?"


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