Molia Dumbleton (MA 1997, MCW 2007, MFA 2021) has been a professional writer, writing instructor, and editor since 2002. She has served as long-term editorial director for a publishing and product-development company; founding editor of several B2C magazine series; curatorial board member and residency/fellowship application review team member in fiction; nonfiction; and screenwriting/playwriting for the Ragdale Foundation artist colony; part-time creative writing faculty for DePaul University’s English Department and School for Continuing and Professional Studies; creative writing instructor at The Newberry Library and The Loft Literary Center; fiction reader for The Masters Review; and Assistant Fiction Editor for Split Lip Magazine. Over the last 18 years, she has taught hundreds of creative writing students of all ages and experience levels (credit and non-credit), and reads an average of 60 stories, essays, and chapters per week.  





  • Print and web content (e.g., program guides, artist and speaker bios, descriptive copy), particularly for arts and education organizations

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  • Blogs and articles, particularly on arts, education, science, and family-engagement topics  

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  • Marketing content (samples available)

            Book intro/front-matter copy 

            In-store product copy 

            Book jacket copy 

            CD jacket and liner note copy 

            Catalog copy 


  • Education content (samples available)

            Curriculum and lesson plans

            Textbook features and front matter

            Teacher guides and materials for preschool, middle                   school, high school, and higher ed levels 


  • College-level course development (samples available)


  • Family engagement materials (samples available)

             Activity pages and at-home activity ideas

             Developmental summaries and connections for                           caregivers

             Video scripts and storyboards

             Voiceover scripts

             Interactive game scripts and specs

             Storybook manuscripts and illustration specs


  • Business writing (samples available)




             Annual reports

             Sustainability reports


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  • Novels, including literary, YA, mystery

  • Memoirs

  • Full-length nonfiction 

  • Short fiction collections

  • Short stories

  • Live-lit drafts

  • Personal essays

  • Flash 


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  • Private lessons

  • Packet exchanges


References available





Pricing varies based on project length and service (see below), but generally follows the rate guidelines set by the Editorial Freelancers' Association.


For an estimate, contact me with a quick summary of the project's history and your goals for it, and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. 





Detailed Line Edit + Reader Response

Summary response, plus inline language/mechanics edits and content/style/tone/structure notes throughout the draft.


This is a great option for complete or partial drafts that are ready for a “laser-focus workshop,” or need an outside eye.


Reader Response

Summary response, no inline notes or edits.


This is a great option for first drafts, or for getting un-stuck. You’ll receive an “aerial view,” holistic response, in letter form, that details where your draft seems to be thriving—as well as where it may not yet be meeting its own goals and promises. Your Reader Response will include opportunities for structural decision-making, plot and character development, and growth through cuts, pivots, or expansion. 


Print-Prep / Proofread 

Inline edits throughout the draft. No content notes. 


This is a great option for a story, essay, memoir, or novel manuscript that you consider complete, and which you are preparing to submit to journals, contests, agents, or publishers. No content notes, just a thorough editorial “scrub.”                          







 Molly’s editing eye is impeccable. I have found her feedback respectful of my writing style while helping me fulfill the intention of the story. She is a great reader: astute, encouraging and no BS. - H. Zaheer (short fiction)




Molly was able to take my piece and mold it into a successful application for a Bread Loaf scholarship. Her feedback was plentiful, critical in the best possible way, and respectful to the goals of the piece. She was able to clearly identify my piece's obstacles and provide actionable suggestions to overcome them.  - D. Coles (short fiction, scholarship application)




Molly has a special combination of sharp eye and kind heart. Each time she has read my writing, she sees something I didn't; things that make the work stronger and deeper. She is skilled at seeing both the big picture (in my case, the whole of a novel) and the small details that make a scene sing or trip up the reader and take them out of your made-up world. And she talks you through her edits with such kindness and encouragement that you always know she is genuinely pulling for your success.

-- K. Masterson (YA novel)




Molly read with a smart and empathetic eye, highlighting what was working well and making constructive, helpful suggestions for revisions. I appreciated her detailed, thoughtful, and encouraging written notes on my story, and I’ve returned to them often for guidance as I’ve revised the piece. - K. Lin-Greenberg (short fiction)




Molly provided me with incredibly useful feedback on the novel chapters I submitted. She’s a very close reader with a keen eye for emotional subtext, narrative structure, and dialog. Her feedback and line edits were invaluable and she’s a gem of a person to boot. - J. B. E. (novel)