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Blue Nude ALT h4_1996.403.4.jpg
Blue Nude (An Abecedarian)

Great Jones Street



LITTLE did that woman know, not requiting the love of a man would cause that man to shoot himself in a Café, but would also cause all those Blue Period paintings. Ask her: Would she say no again?


MATISSE’s Blue Nude (Souvenir de Biskra) is a piece of shit. According to Picasso, whose Blue Nude had come five years earlier.


NEVER shower alone in the dormitory. Meaning shower when another woman is showering too, each of you alone in side-by-side stalls. Do not shower with someone but do not shower alone in the shower room because the door does not lock and you are naked after all and alone and you only have two hands.


ONLY an art student has to pretend not to be uncomfortable when the model who shows up for figure drawing turns out to be somebody they sort of know from a party once.

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